Jun 13, 2009

Pics from Myannmar

The money raised at our 4oth birthday will go specifically to build a FRESH WATER WELL and provide BUNK BEDS for the children to sleep on in the orphanages of Myannmar.
One bunk bed that 4-6 children can sleep on including pillows and mosquito net is only $60 US Dollars!

One fresh water well is only $500 US Dollars!

In the 3rd picture you can see where children sleep when they do not have bunks and what luxury it is when they do get a bunk bed to sleep in. I personally cannot imagine my child having to sleep without a bed in the conditions that we see in Myannmar.

As for FRESH WATER....what can we say? Well I can remember a few years ago in Melbourne when we had no hot water and how horrible it was that it was cold....how petty considering that some orphan children in Myannmar do not even have FRESH COLD water at all- thankyou for helping this to become a reality in the lives of these precious ones.