Jun 14, 2009

Our 40th Birthday Party-Giving To Myannmar Orphanages

My husband and I decided to turn our 4oth birthday parties into one event where we could raise money for kids in Myannmar (http://www.graceworksmyannmar.org.au/). Instead of presents, we asked our guests to bring a financial gift to support the building of a water well and bunk beds for orphanges in Myannmar. What a fabulous party it was...we had a ball. We raised around $1700 ($1384USD) which was FABULOUS! We were able to give a water well to an orphanage and also 14 bunk beds, 4-6 children sleep in each bunk = 56-84 children will have a bed to sleep in because of our party guest's generosity! Amazing. Another thrill of the night was that we had people attend who do not follow Christ in any way and these people were moved by the event. They said that they felt like they had done something good for a change! In fact they had done something that shows the heart of our wonderful God. Many great discussioins have started from this one night. People are on a journey of coming to know Christ, it was evident that God was using this event to touch people's hearts. Can I encourage you to turn an upcoming party into an event that would be a blessing to those who so desperately need finance that we can so easily supply when we think creatively.

My husband Peter and I

Peter and Margaret Simmons from http://www.graceworksmyannmar.org.au/ where we gave our money to. Wonderful people, great organisation!

Carolyn Oates our main guest artist to perform a house concert for our birthday guests! http://www.carolynoates.com/