Jun 13, 2009

Evangelism Groups In Australian Schools

Imagine a group of students coming along Wednesday lunchtimes at school to meet with you so they can check out who Jesus is. Imagine the same group now all giving their life to Christ at lunchtime and continuing to come along each Wednesday to be discipled. Now imagine that same group inviting their friends to come at lunchtime to check out Jesus, they all give their life to Christ and now you have enough for TWO groups to be discipled. Sounds awesome hey.............possible in schools.........absolutely. This model of CELLS in schools is possible with an adult leading or a student leading. Depending on your resources of people why not consider this?
Here's how this may be possible in a ten week term:

WEEK 1- 4:Run a high energy, crowd pulling lunchtime event for four weeks in a row. Each week during the program, present a testimony from you or students about how God is REAL in their lives. On week four inform students that for the next four weeks things will be a little different. If they sign up today they can come to the next four week lunchtimes of checking out who God is, is He real, etc. FREE hot chips go well with these lunchtimes.

WEEK 5- 8: You can use any material to take students through in these four weeks; basic discovering Jesus stuff works well. A great resource is "Checking Him Out" by Wayne Jeffries, available at Koorong Bookstore (http://www.koorong.com.au/). Duringthese four weeks break students up into small groups (4-6) to work through some studies about Jesus. On the fourth week give opportunity to accept Christ and pray with students.

WEEK 9 & 10: At the end of the 8th week, invite students to stay in your group and continue on as a discipleship group indefinitely. Meet on a day that's good for all the students. There you go, you now have a group of new Christians to disciple and start the cycle again with.

Give it a go, see what happens............dare to believe.