Jun 13, 2009

Modern Methods

The church in her attempt to evangelise in the modern world presented the gospel in a way that appealed to the rationale of the non-believer. Churches majored on developing pastors that were well educated to be able to respond to the modern, educated person. Programs were put together where people could use their ‘reasoning capacity’ to determine the claims of Christianity. Magazines that proved through scientific evidence that God is a reality became a popular and successful way to spread the good news. Books that took the reader through a step-by-step explanation, with stated proven facts became another triumphant method to evangelise. A well-known writer that made headway into this modern mindset that still exists in pockets, is Josh McDowell. A variety of books by many authors were penned including: ‘Evidence That Demands A Verdict’, ‘Refuting Evolution’, and ‘The Case for Faith’, a book investigating the toughest objections of Christianity all made a big splash into the modern world mindset.

Preachers around the world who could deliver messages, using great apologetics, or reasoning witnessed a great number of non-believers coming to Christ. Sermon titles included: ‘Twenty Arguments for the Existence of God’, ‘Do Faith and Reason Conflict?’ ‘Proof that Jesus was Raised from the Dead’, ‘Is Christianity the Only True Religion?’ and ‘Jesus, Lord, Liar or Lunatic?’

The modernist wanted a clear, rational explanation of the gospel. When they were presented with this truth, they then made a decision on whether to adopt it or not.