Jun 23, 2009

Moderns Vs Postmodern Evangelism

It is not rocket science to understand that the way we do evangelism cannot always stay the same yet often this is the case. Generations look different, they function differently and although our message never changes, our methods do. There are some key differences between moderns and postmoderns. You can make the applications.

Modern Evangelistic Mindset:
1. People Hear the gospel as a verbal or written message
2. Decide that message is true. (Make A decision)
3. Integrate into a Bible teaching church.

Believe in Jesus instantly is the focus.

*I will hear Christ and decide.
*Prove existence of God to me (rational and reason).
*Church holds weight with me.
*Truth may be found at church.

Postmodern Evangelistic Mindset:

1.See the message in the spiritual life of a friend.
2.Come with a friend on a spiritual journey to encounter Jesus.
3.Encounter Jesus in a creative / spiritual corporate setting (church or small group.)

Believe in Jesus on the Journey is the focus.

*I want to ‘see’ Christ in you and decide.
* Show existence of God to me. (I want to see Him work in your life)
*My group / community holds weight with me.
*Truth is found as I listen to the group / community I am in over time.

*Concept Idea taken from http://www.postmission.com/articles/rohde2.pdf