Jun 21, 2009

The DOING is Crucial!

Scripture: Men of Issachar knew the signs of the times..1 Chronicles 12:32

There has been much discussion in the church on modernity and post modernity and what this means for reaching out to our friends for Jesus. Society today in how she thinks, relates and converses is different from society just fifty years ago. Modernity mid 18th century to 1940 was a time where people used rational thinking to come to conclusions about faith and their life; today people base such thoughts on their feelings and experiences. People don’t want so much to hear about Christianity and the benefits of the faith, they desire to experience Christianity, too feel Christianity so to speak. What a great opportunity for the church, the Christ-followers on the earth to be Jesus. To be a tangible expression of God on the earth. To do what Jesus would do so that people may experience Christianity. Society now is not as likely to walk into a church building to hear the gospel as she was years ago when church had great credibility within society. We only need look at the beautiful church buildings that are centrally located within communities yet scarcely populated of a weekend to see that church is no longer the influence she once was. Times have changed. We live in a moment of time whereby the only church that people may encounter is you! What you do, how you act around those who don’t know Christ has tremendous potential in postmodern society.

Practically Speaking:
1. Pray and ask the Lord how you can be Jesus to someone you know who does not know Christ.
2. Buy some groceries for your neighbour this week just to say you appreciate them.
3. Discuss with your children how they can be Jesus to a friend in need at their school.

Thankyou Lord that you have put people in my life that do not know you. Help me this coming day to be Christ to them. Show me ways that I can demonstrate your love to them. Amen