Jul 22, 2009

Avoid Drive By Shootings!

Have you ever met a Christian that feels they need to somehow verbally quote a scripture to anybody and everybody they bump into in one day? It's so embarrasing! Like, what are they thinking! To me it's like a 'drive by shooting'. They come up alongside a person and then all of a sudden they open fire with a piece of scripture. I'm trying to understand why people do this - maybe you can help me out here and make a few comments. As a non-Christian I can still remember being the recipient of 'drive by shooting' evangelism. Friend, it was not pretty and it did not bring me closer to God, infact I ran the opposite way!! Drive by shootings leave people feeling wounded and in many cases scared! There's a whole world out there that thinks that we, the Christians are weird, let's not reinforce what they already think.

How about a good old fashioned genuine relationship with someone who does not know Christ. How about some genuine care and concern for that person as a human. How about a genuine love that would continue to love that person even if they never came to Christ. How about a relationship with someone built on respect and trust that over time presents itself with natural rhythms to chat about Christianity. How about a little bit of 'love thy neighbour'. How about an evangelistic understanding that knows that it's the love of God that leads people to repentance (Rom 2:4)

Just a thought for today :)