Jul 10, 2009

Coincidence...I think not!

Yesterday I had a tradesman come to my door to fix something around the house. We got talking and it became apparant that he worked for a man who went to the same church as I did (www.citylifechurch.com). This guy went on to tell me that in his previous job he also worked closely with the church but he himself had never been a church goer or interested in it. When I asked him how he go connected with his current boss, he said that it was just a coincidence! At this point I thought, "Is it a coincidence or is God trying to love on this guy?". Well, my response in my mind was the later. I now had an opportunity to engage the man in a God type conversation or to simply smile and let the guy go his way. I decided to open my mouth and ask him if he though that maybe just maybe God was trying to speak to him! He was most pleasantly suprised and even said that he thought God was looking after him. The conversation went on for quite a bit, I invited him to church and a meal at our home with his wife if he wanted. I left it with him to chat with his wife and get back to me.

Im thankful that I opened my mouth at this seemingly coincidence! We were able to have a small converstaion about God (im sure he doesn't do that every day :) and an opportunity has been created to get our relationship going for the future. It is amazing how God is working in people's lives and sometimes we just need to see that in people's lives and point it out.

So very very easy...have a great day!

Questions To Consider:
1. When have you had an opportunity to reveal to a non-church attender what God is doing in their life? How was this received?
2. Are you a person who is confident to engage people in a God converstaion or not? Explain
3. Why do Christians so often not open thier mouth to engage the unchurched world around them?
4. Can you think of a Bible passage where Jesus engaged those around Him in a spiritual conversation.
5. Spend a minute praying for your next week; that you will have the confidence to take a step of faith and to speak out!