Jul 11, 2009

A Comment on Signs and Wonders

Something to think about for a Saturday...this is an extract from Power Evangelism by John Wimber.

"SIGNS AND WONDERS were (and are) at the heart of the ministry of Jesus. In the great commission, the authority of God was imparted to the Church. At Pentecost the power of God was imparted. Jesus began his ministry after he was empowered by the Spirit at his baptism.
Jesus saw himself in conflict with Satan. He and the Gospel writers viewed sickness as a work of Satan.

The ministry of Jesus in Signs and Wonders was based on his relationship with the Holy Spirit, who is imaginative and creative. Therefore, one should not try to reduce the ministry of Jesus to a group of simplistic principles for the purpose of developing a Signs and Wonders ministry.
The disciples, who were the embryonic Church, were empowered to work the same ministry that Jesus worked. The result was Signs and Wonders, which occurred throughout the Book of Acts. There is a close relationship between their occurrence and the growth of the early Church.

The Church grew whenever the Gospel was preached, and Signs and Wonders concurred. The activities of the New Testament Church demonstrated an anticipation of supernatural involvement. The Church was led by supernatural means, i.e., visions, visitations, prophecies, etc. When a Power Encounter took place, Signs and Wonders were concurrent. Both success and failure are recorded for us in the New Testament. The letters especially share some apparent failures.

Signs and Wonders were often performed as a witness to apostleship and the Gospel message. They were and are the emblem of God's compassion toward his people".

(Extract from Wimber, J., Power Evangelism: Signs and Wonders and Church Growth Part 1, Conference Notes n.d. pp. 20 - 27 and 36 - 61.Section 2 )