Jul 1, 2009

Evangelism Coaching OR Mentoring?

Often people are looking to be coached or mentored when it comes to the area of evangelism. Let me explain some basic differences of the two. The two terms, `coaching` and `mentoring` can often be confused. The following is a simple explanation of the two. I trust this can be helpful for you and that you can see that we can all become great coaches in the area of evangeism and a few may be great mentors.


Basically, mentoring means that you are teaching someone else through your experience. You are taking what you have learnt and imparting that to the one you are mentoring. Mentoring implies that the mentor has some level of `expertise` in their field to offer to others.

**Basic Definitions of Mentoring:

`mentoring is a natural way of passing knowledge, skills and experiences to others by someone who is usually older and wiser with broad life experiences and specific expertise`. (2)

`one who offers knowledge, insight, perspective or wisdom that is especially useful to the other person`. (3)

`a career friend, knowledgeable about your field who advises and encourages`(4)

** Key Words describing a Mentor: wiser one; expert in their field; experienced; proven success


Coaching is primarily concerned with the coach unlocking someone`s potential and helping him or her achieve his or her potential. Coaching is helping someone learn rather than teaching someone. Coaching is about increasing another`s performance level in an area. It is about helping others maximize their potential, helping them achieve with the skills and abilities they have. It is about encouraging someone else to `go for it`. It is about cheering someone else on. It would be fair to say that anyone could have a go at coaching, you don`t need to be an expert to be a coach, you would however need to be an encourager.

**Basic Definitions of Coaching:

`coaching is the ability to increase performance in people`s attitudes, skills, and competence, by realizing and releasing their potential`. (5)

`coaching may be defined as one who comes alongside a person with the intent to increase their performance level. This may include attitudes, skills and competence`. (6)

** Key Words describing a Coach: encourager; motivator; one who can give resources; one who sees potential in others.

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