Jul 16, 2009

Evangelism on Facebook

Well, I guess I don't need to tell you that technology can serve you or it can become your master. People spend hours and hours on facebook and twitter (I am on both) quite often just wasting time which is not all bad if you have the time to waste. I have been delighted with my facebook experience. I've been at it well over a year now and have had many many great converstaions with people about their faith orientation. I'm a big believer that God can work through all technology and actively watch for opportunities that the Lord may bring about. Recently many members that I went to high school with have found me on facebook. I am so excited as I have not seen these people for years; some I offended with my zealousness when I first started following Jesus. It appears that the God of the second chance is going to give me a second chance with these lovely people. I am planning on catching up with some of these old friends in person in the next few weeks. I'm confident that God has re-ignited these friendships and now as a more mature Christian I'm confident that I will simply be able to love these friends just as Jesus loves me.

Keep up the facebook with an evangelistic edge :)

Questions to consider:

1) Are you purposeful with your facebook time in an evangelistic way?

2) Is the content on your facebook accessible to those that don't follow Christ?

3) Who could you personally catch up with from your friends list that does not know Christ?

4) Who from your past would you like to connect with? Can you find them on facebook?