Jul 19, 2009

The Evangelist Behind Eternity

Sydney Harbour Bridge 2000, who can forget it. I was there with a group of friends under the Bridge squashed in with thousands and thousands of people waiting impatiently for the midnight fireworks. Midnight came and it was more than anticipated. The fireworks were mesmerising and the word 'eternity' lite up the harbour bridge.

Years and years before a new christian had heard the great Baptist evangelist, Reverend John Ridley preach a message where he kept shouting out the word 'eternity'. He went on in the sermon to declare, "I wish I could shout ETERNITY through the streets of Sydney". Arthur Stace listened intently that day and when he finally left the meeting, Arthur felt a divine compulsion to bend down and write the word 'eternity'. He would move on 100 yards then write it again. Stace wrote 'eternity' more than half a million times on the streets of Sydney (not all in one day LOL).

Arthur Stace was referred to as Mr Eternity by the people at the time. He made such an impression on the city of Sydney, writing himself into the town's history books and then his famous words used on the Sydney harbour bridge for the world to see at the turn of the millennium. WOW...what an incredible story.

Questions to Ponder:
1) How can you cause people to think about eternity?
2) What are people hearing when you preach or speak?
3) What legacy are you leaving for the city you live in?
4) What do you wish you could shout through the streets of your town?
5) Arthur was referred to as Mr Eternity - what would you like to be referred to as?