Jul 3, 2009

I dreamt I Was A Super Model - Outreach Tool

A friend of mine has written a great book for teenage girls that is a great outreach tool...can I encourage you to buy one for a teenager you know or a few for a youth ministry you know of.

Here's some stuff from the super model website: http://www.idreamtiwasasupermodel.com/

‘I Dreamt I Was A Supermodel’ is a book that defines real beauty, giving keys to unlock the potential, purpose and dreams of every young girl. It has been specifically written to empower young girls to develop a healthy self image, to build self confidence and develop their character.
The author, Jane Geyer, creatively communicates and demystifies the ‘perfect body’ idea. With the pressures and issues that girls are bombarded with today, the readers are equipped with practical tools to help maintain a healthy body image and inspired to discover their purpose in life.

‘I Dreamt I Was A Supermodel’ contains five chapters titled The Perfect Body, Love What You’ve Got!, Me...The Beautiful Girl!, Who Am I?, and Destiny. Using this workbook format, the readers are walked through a journey of developing life changing thinking about their body, personality, purpose and their dreams

‘I Dreamt I Was A Supermodel’ – defining real beauty!