Jul 25, 2009

Mission to The Third World

A question to ponder: In the light of the growth of Christianity in the ‘Third World’ or ‘Majority World,’ how should Australian churches seek to partner or collaborate with third world churches?

Certainly Australian churches should be partnering with the third world churches when it comes to mission. Tiplady in his book, 'One World or Many: The Impact of Globalisation on Mission' tells the story of Brazilian churches partnering with the European church, a very successful partnership (143). This is a model that we can glean from. The third world church benefiting from the maturity of the western church. The western church benefiting from a mutual passion for prayer and worship. Australian churches can make successful partnerships themselves with the developing third world churches. Tiplady also points out that we can now be more confidently and closely involved with missions to the third world due to communications via the internet; the availability of air travel in this day and age and the greater degree of safety we now experience in traveling to such places (241-242). As I think on this question it is obvious to me that there are some specific ways we in Australia can partner with the third world. Firstly we can provide finances to these churches. We, the wealthy nation providing to those in need. Secondly, we can provide training on how to run successful churches, how to lead and how to grow. This training could be provided online or by sending trainers overseas to help out. Either way, we in Australia are a well-trained people, more than capable to share what we know. Thirdly, we can provide man-power on the ground to help in whatever areas are needed. Peoples can avail themselves to two-week trips overseas with the every increasing availability and low cost airfares that exist in our world today. Technology allows us to see whether places are safe and what is going on in the country at a particular time to make well-informed and fear-free choices to go to the nations! There is so much the Australian church has to offer to the third world. It is time for us to be generous in giving to the nations. Taking what Christ has strategically given us and blessing the third world church...and in return we are so richly blessed.