Jul 18, 2009

Most Christians Don't Give a Tweet About Evangelism!

Can you believe the following...........

Barna Research shows that most Christians would rather forget about evangelism. In fact, most of them do! (http://www.barna.org/blog/archives/19)

I was absoloutley shocked to read this piece of research. What do you mean most Christians would rather forget about evangelism? What this means is that most Christians would rather bother about lots of other stuff but NOT evangelism. This disturbs me.

What do you do if you're the leader of a church ministry, whether you be the senior minister, youth minister, chidren's pastor or worship pastor and you know that most of those you deal with don't give two hoots about evangelism?

Here's a couple of thoughts:

1. Plan at least 4 training sessions per year with your church or ministry on evangelism - many people want to forget about evangelism as they think it is too hard. Consistent training can equip your people to be effective and thus confident.

2. Have monthly 'good news' stories in your meetings so that people can see others having a go. As they listen you will be suprised how many others get motivated and inspired!

3. Do a survey in your church/ministry as to why people find evangelism difficult and then do an evangelism series addressing these topics.

4. Have the small groups in your church/ministry do one study per term on evangelism - this will keep outreach at the front of people's minds.

5. Ensure that all departments in your church are actively championing the area of evangelism. Hold a meeting with your key ministry leaders to discuss this issue.