Jul 2, 2009

Outreach to Schools

For fourteen years I was involved in evangelism in secondary schools. What an amazing time it was. There will always be a special place in my heart for this ministry. I would encourage all churches to have a presence in their local high/secondary school and Primary School.

Here are 6 simple steps to get a schools ministry going:

1. Respond To The Call
Go and make disciples of all young people! The most obvious place to find students to reach is in your local high school or Primary School. Your local school is just waiting for you to come along and share the good news about Jesus Christ. Decide to go and check this OBVIOUS option out.

2. Go Digging
There is just so much that you could do in your local schools. Many successful programs and ideas already exist. Do as much research as possible as to what’s available to you before you go any further. You’ll be surprised at the stuff that’s out there that you can use, it’s easy!

3. Virtual Reality
There’s nothing like seeing something in action to really put you in the picture and give you some ideas. Ring up some leaders already doing stuff in schools and go and have a LOOK at what they are doing. You’ll get some great ideas and start to get a clearer vision of what God has in store for you.

4. Over 2 U
Well you’ve checked it all out, now its up to you to make a decision on what’s best for you. What will you do in schools? What year levels do you want to reach? How often could you go into a school? Do you have enough finances? Do you need people to assist you?

5. The Green Light
There’s nothing like launching out into schools work with the total support of your church. Before you proceed any further present what you want to do to your church, give them a detailed plan of attack and gain their 100% support. Go on, you can do it, be wise and be passionate.

6. Take It To The Authorities
No schools work unless the school itself agrees to let you in. Be wise how you approach the school. Go along as a servant with a ‘willing to help’ spirit. Chose your words carefully and show the school how you can be a help to them. Excellent, you are ready to start, set your first date and go for it!

* These steps were originally a part of a training manual that I put together with Jane Geyer. She currently has a great resource out on self esteem for teenage girls.