Jul 14, 2009

See You At The Pole - End of an Era Today!

Well, today is a happy sad day for me. For ten years I have had the priviledge of leading a prayer movement for secondary college students in Australia (http://www.syatpaustralia.com/). The movement originated in the United States (http://www.syatp.com/). Today, I will hand the leadership over to Jono Green from Youth For Christ Australia.

Here's a few snippets from the celebration that will take place later today.

1. SYATP...coming to Australia.

In July 1999, tears began to stream down the face of a female youth pastor from Melbourne, Victoria. Watching a video of high school students praying passionately for their school, the Lord showed her a clear vision. It was time for Aussie students to unite from all denominations to pray at their school. SYATP already existed in a few countries nationally and now it was time for Australia. Students from Castle Hill in Sydney had been praying at their school flagpole for a number of years, they also were believing for SYATP to go national. History was made as Youth organisations united powerfully to support the vision. See You At The Pole was held nation wide for the first time on May 11th, 2000. Teenagers from all denominations united to pray. Since then, tens of thousands of students have gathered to pray, many school prayer groups and outreach groups have resulted.

2. Reports Over The Years

*2002 Tasmania: Leighland Christian School
It was brilllllliant!! It was the first year it was publicised. We gathered at school, inside cause it rained, to pray and sing. Then we had breakfast. Lotsa people would like a regular event, "why do we need a national day to get together and pray?" which is great!!! A few people suggested lunchtime prayer. Thanks for the idea!!! It’s had a great impact on our school beyond just one day.

*2004 New South Wales: Cheltenham Girls High School
SYATP was awesome! With approx. 20 students plus two teachers it was so encouraging to meet together in a public place and pray to our maker. Not only was it fun, but it attracted loads of interest from other students, so many conversations could be had about SYATP later. Praise God for an awesome day!

*2006 Queensland: St Margarets, Ascot
Hey to all youth in Australia! SYATP took place for the first time at St. Margaret's AGS today here in Sunny Brizzy. Two sessions took place, one in the morning at 7:30am and one at morning tea. We've decided to SYATP every Thursday morning and change meeting places from week to week. Thanx must go to everyone who attended. Praise God for such a beautiful day too! Good luck to everyone involved. Keep up the effort!!! lv Fran

*2009 Victoria: Glen Waverley Secondary College
One God One Flag Pole Two guitars Four flasks of milo and Twenty Two passionate christians in an non-christian school. 7.15 this morning although foggy, cold and very dark we had 22 people show up to pray for our school. We had an awesome time praying and worshiping our awesome God, but more than it was a fresh refilling and encouragement that we are not alone. Not just in our school but around Australia. We ended the prayer meet at 8.00 with the song amazing grace, and all of us feeling a whole lot more confident in our high school.

3. So many people have helped...

SYATP has always been a collective effort of many many people who have given of their time and resource to make the event happen for the past ten years.
THANKYOU for working together with me to serve the Lord in bringing this event to Australian Schools xox
*Doncaster City Church : Pastor Rick Brouwer for believing in me to pioneer this movement; to the youth department that for years made it happen nationally!

*Youth Alive Australia: I love you! Thanks for your support. VIC YA - unbelievable, thanks. Paul Molyneux: without your support at YA, Im not sure SYATP would be in existence, thankyou.

*Youth Dimension
*Youth Ministries
*Youth For Christ
*Scripture Union

*Peter Waldrom...my fantastic husband who is now broke because of SYATP - not really!

*Citylife Church who have given much needed money; admin support and encouragement...WOW, thankyou.

*Epic Youth who gave heaps of $; stuffed envelopes; talked it up...

*Cameron Butler who designed/managed the website for years and years tirelessly and happily!!

*Mark Butler (not related)..took over from Cameron with the same amazing spirit- thankyou!
*Peter Claproth; Josh Stuchberry; Anna Yoong; John Liow - WOW
*David Westbrook - um unbelievable, thankyou.
*Paul Colman who met me at Uluru to film a commercial that never went to air !
*Designers/Artists/Media…and many more unseen, not mentioned heroes.

4. New Leadership Jono Green

Jono Green is the new leader for SYATP Ausstralia. God sovereignly bought him accross our path. He has an amazing capacity to lead and is well respected in our country. I'm still wondering how such a young man has such an amzing capacity - I'm sooo thrilled to hand the baton (my baby in this case) over to Jono.

5. From the United States...an email to Jono and myself (greatly appreciated)
An email arrived in the last week from the SYATP in the United States to commend the work that had been done and to encourage Jono in his new role...here it is...from Doug Clark...

In every generation, those people who "set their sails" to catch the wind of revival are the ones most likely to experience a fresh visitation from God. History and Scripture show us that young people are almost always at the vanguard of moral and spiritual awakenings. So it's wise for youth workers to invite youth to pray...to expect...to cry out to the Lord to pour out His Spirit on us...our communities...our countries...and our world. We believe that He delights in and loves to answer those prayers!

Since 1990, that's what See You at the Pole has been about. Millions of children, teenagers, and young adults have met onsix continents to join in concerted prayer. I'm so thrilled that, early on, Australian believers caught the vision for SYATP and made a national campaign of it. I was so delighted that Tina Waldrom committed herself for ten years to encourage this generation to rise up and pray to God for their peers. Every state of Australia has responded. Although we have stories of people who have come to faith in Christ because of SYATP "down under," God alone knows how many will be in heaven because your students have been faithful. And beyond this one day in May, we know that many continue to pray...worship...study...and live out authentic, faithful lives at their schools because they were encouraged to meet in unity early in the school term. SYATP Australia has promoted and sustained the movement in creative ways that have challenged us in the U.S. and we hope, made us better at what we do.

Tina has become a dear friend to me, and we thank her for her work and service in this movement, wishing her God's best as she and Peter continue to serve Him passionately. We welcome Jono Green as the new national director. We pray that as we set our sails, the Holy Spirit would choose to act in His sovereignty and blow hard...and we would see the fulfillment of the Great Commission in this generation as many thousands of young people go to the nations to take the gospel to every people.

Jono, Tina has left some "big shoes" to fill. May God empower you to hear His voice and faithfully lead and expand what He wants to do with this movement!

God bless you as you celebrate today and look forward to the future!