Jul 30, 2009

What The World Thinks of US!

Some of you may have already read David Kinnamans book, 'unchristian'. It's a fabulous bit of research into the minds of 16-29 year olds (in the USA) and what they think about Christians. The resesrach is honestly a bit of a wake up call for those of us who call ourselves Christians and have a passion to reach out to those that are not actively following Christ.

In a nutsheel, Christians are perceived to be hypocritical, antihomosexual, too political and judgmental! What do you think as an Aussie? Would people view Christians that way here?

The main angst in the book is how WE treat homosexuals.

Recently at the church I attend, CityLife in Melbourne (http://www.citylifechurch.com/), we had Deb Hirsch speak on the topic of sexuality and predominantly on homosexuality. Needless to say there were mixed feelings. I wonder what you belive on this topic and how you minister to those with a same sex orientation?

Mark Conner, the senior miniser from CityLife Church spoke in regard to this issue on his blog.
The blog was hotly read and some very interesting comments made.
Check it out on Mark's blog under 'current issues'.

1) How can you better your understanding on issues of sexual orientation?
2) How do people perceive you as a Christian?
3) Are your converstaions with people gracious and effective?
4) Do you live wisely amongst those who are not Christians?
5) Why do you think the church focus's on homosexuality as a greater sin than others? Is this biblical? Maybe have this discussion with a group that you are in community with.