Aug 8, 2009

Backfoot Evangelism

Backfoot Evangelism is talking about God truths in a non-confrontational way, so people don’t feel bashed! To help out you can also lean backwards (get on the backfoot) when you are talking to someone, sitting or standing, so people don’t feel you are ‘in their face’. The picture shows the body position of someone on the backfoot.

Here are some examples of conversations had in a non-confrontational way – on the backfoot so to speak! Each scenario supposed that you already have a wonderful relationship with the unbeliever that you are speaking with. It is largely a personal evangelism strategy.

Scenario 1: God is Real and Alive

(Most people do not consider that God stuff could really be real and personal, they think God is just a nice thought………… consider that God is real and personal like you and I is not really in their minds …….you need to awaken them to this)

You are sitting around with your non –Christian friend. God has recently answered your prayer of a job. You could simply say, “I know you probably don’t believe in God but I decided to pray about getting a job and I got one. You may think it’s silly but I really think it was God. Do you think that God could be real?”

Opposed to: “Just listen to me, you’re missing it in life, God is actually real and you need to check this out”.

Scenario 2: God Has a Purpose for Your Life

(This is a big issue that you should raise; people are looking for meaning and purpose. At some stage in life, people ask the question, “what is it all about?)

“I’ve been thinking lately, surely there must be more to life. Like do you think we just go through life, get married, have kids, watch them grow up and die or is there more to it? You probably don’t believe this but I think that God has a special plan for every person, like real meaning to being alive. What do you think?

Opposed to: Your life is a complete waste, you need to get to know God so you can work out the plans he has for you.

Scenario 3: Good Works will not get you to Heaven

(Many people genuinely try to do good to people, at least one person in their life anyway. People actually think that if they do well they will go to heaven, you need to make them think differently).

“You know you’re a good person, I’ve notice how much you do to genuinely help people around you. You’ve got a real giving heart. You know I’m a Christian and I love to see people treated well, can I say how much I admire what you do for others. What do you think God thinks of the good stuff we do for people?’

How much good stuff do you think we need to do if we are to get into heaven (that’s supposing there is a heaven - of course there is you are just not wanting to come across pushy). You may think this is wrong but I believe that God is looking for more than just our good works if we are to go to heaven. Like what if someone has killed 2 people 25 years ago but for the last 6 years has been raising money and feeding the poor? How does God work it out if they would go to heaven or not?

NB: This scenario on good works is a great way to get discussion going. As stated at the beginning of this blog, these scenarios are proposed with those unbelievers you already have a wonderful relationship with.

I personally always have conversations with people on the 'backfoot'! I find people are more at ease and comfortable to talk about spiritual things.