Aug 29, 2009

Being Jesus Just so Powerful

I can remember back to when I was not a Christ follower and how powerful it was that one particular guy lived out the Christian life in front of me. You see I had met a guy who I did not know was a Christian, yet the way he lived his life was very attractive to me. He treated people with respect; he wasn't going out getting drunk all the time and he did not have the foul mouth language that I had unfortunately fallen into. His encouraging manner and his lifestyle certainly got my attention. When he finally did mention he was a Christian, the penny dropped! I immediately equated his lifestyle with God, somehow how he lived was pleasing to God. It presented me with a dilemma...I immediately knew that my lifestyle was not pleasing to God. A short while after this I made a decision to follow Jesus. The reality that my life was not living up to the standard and my decision to change my ways (repentance as we term it) was because I saw the Christian life lived out in front of me. Someone else being Jesus not preaching Jesus was very powerful.

My prayer is that through my life I can show Jesus to others. Yes, I know that none of us are perfect,and that we all fall short yet we must continue to strive to live like Jesus. we may be the only Jesus that some people ever see.

Have a terrific day,