Aug 22, 2009

Evangelism for Non-Evangelists by Mark Conner Pt 1.

Embrace Heaven’s Priority

Mark Conner is the senior minister of the church I attend in Melbourne, Australia ( Mark’s main spiritual gifts are leadership and teaching yet he realises the necessity of evangelism and writes some great pointers for the church in how we can be strong in evangelism.

For the next four days I would like to look at what Mark has blogged about this and to ask ourselves some pertinent questions.

“My main spiritual gifts are leadership and teaching. Evangelism is not a strong part of the way God has made me. After all, God gave “some” to be evangelists, so not everyone has this spiritual gift (Eph.4:11). However, I sensed the Lord challenging me that although I was not an evangelist I needed to “do the work of an evangelist” just like Timothy was encouraged to (2 Tim.4:5).
Timothy was a young pastor/teacher who was stationed in Ephesus as Paul’s apostolic representative (1 Tim.1:3). This church had experienced significant levels of outreach in its early days (Acts 19-20) but false doctrine emerged within the church and it is highly possible that the evangelistic fervour of the church had waned. Paul did not tell Timothy to be or to become an evangelist (something he was not) but simply to do the work of one.

What is the work of an evangelist? As I contemplated this question a few key tasks emerged: ensuring that churches and believers embrace’s heaven’s priority and have a heart for lost people; training and equipping people to share their faith; ensuring that the churches and believers engages in variety of evangelistic activities; and helping the church and believers keep their evangelistic passion and fervour alive.”

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1. What changes do you personally need to make to embrace heaven’s priority in your life on a regular basis?
2. How can all members in your church be encouraged to be about heaven’s priority? How does your church already encourage the work of evangelism? Could they do more?
3. Some church people say they do not have any non-Christians friends! How do you suggest they could make genuine relationship with the unchurched?
4. What other issues were raised for you today as you read Mark’s comments?