Aug 23, 2009

Evangelism for Non-Evangelists by Mark Conner Pt 2..

Equip People to Share Their Faith

Mark Conner is the senior minister of CityLife Church in Melbourne, Australia The church is Australia’s second largest and is thriving on great leadership and people that are willing to ask the big questions about today’s culture. Today is our second day looking at some comments that Mark has written on evangelism.

“The second thing we must do if we are to do the work of an evangelist is to train people to share their faith. One of the tasks of an evangelist it to “equip” the entire church to do the ministry of evangelism (Eph.4:11-12). God wants every Christian to be a soul winner. Jesus told his disciples; “I will make you fishers of men” (Mark 1:17).”

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1. What training does your church require in the area of evangelism?
2. What mindsets on evangelism do you f eel stop people from evangelizing?
3. If you had to attend an evangelism seminar, what 4 topics would be most beneficial for you?
4. Who are the evangelists in your church that could be used to equip and encourage your congregation to be fervent out reaching out?
5. If you feel that you are an evangelist, what more could you do to train and equip the church to be about evangelism?