Aug 24, 2009

Evangelism for Non-Evangelists by Mark Conner Pt 3.

Creating Evangelistic Opportunities

I trust you have been enjoying our mini-series on evangelism by Mark Conner. Today is our third day, on which we will look at creating evangelistic opportunities.

“The third thing that evangelists should do is to create evangelistic opportunities for people. The Great Commission involves both “Go” (Matt.28:18-20) and “Come and see” (John 4:29). In other words, believers are to go and share their faith out in the world and they are to invite their friends to come and see the activity of God within the church community.

The church is not to be a castle surrounded by a moat to keep all of the unbelievers out. Each local church should create as many entry points and bridges as possible so that people can be encouraged to experience the life of Christ within the church community.”

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1. How does your church service make it possible for non-believers to participate so they are not left feeling on the ‘outer’?
2. How is your service sensitive and relevant for those who are far from God?
3. What special yearly events work most effective for your church in inviting new comers? Why? Why not?
4. What can you and your church do to reach outside the four walls of the church? I.e. add value to the community as Mark says?