Aug 12, 2009

The Evangelist - Function NOT Title

Philip the evangelist was never commissioned as an evangelist, in fact it would be safe to say that the Apostles ordained him to be a deacon (Acts 6:1-6). The interesting fact is that we find Philip down in Samaria (Acts 8:5) preaching the message of Christ passionately. It is also interesting to note that in Acts 21:8, Philip is referred to as an evangelist!

What’s going on here? He was not commissioned to be an evangelist yet God has placed him in the Bible for all to see and named him as an evangelist!

A couple of thoughts:

1) A commissioning or lack of it does not make an evangelist.
2) The evangelist is a function not a title.
3) Do not wait for the title of evangelist; you should naturally function in that gifting if that’s what God has designed you to be.
4) You may be operating in your church fulfilling a particular role, that however does not mean that you cannot function as an evangelist if that’s your calling – remember it’s a function not a title! Keep exhorting others to evangelise, keep preaching Christ!