Aug 13, 2009

I'm out of my confort zone!

Funny how God can bring non-Christian people across your path that really take you out of your comfort zone. Ever had that experience? Through a club that my daughter belongs to, I have had the unique experience of meeting one of the other mums who is quite different. This lady is so not like me, we are black and white. In fact this lady is quite different than most of the other mums that also turn up to this club with their kids. I guess most people are looking at this lady and thinking she is very loud; very image conscious; flirtatious when men are around and a few other thoughts. You get the picture.

Well, my daughter has become very good friends with this ladies daughter. Through the kids becoming friends, I have made an effort to get to know this lady and her family. She is most definitely not a Christian, has no Christian background and is not afraid to let you know what she thinks about Christianity!

She has never asked me what I do and I'm hoping in a way that she doesn't. So far she knows me as Tina, the mum of her daughter's friend. She knows me as someone who encourages her; someone who takes an interest in her and her family and someone who speaks positively about her daughter. She does not know me as an active church goer or Jesus follower.

We are so very different that I must say I do feel out of my comfort zone! However, I am learning some great keys on evangelism through this journey:

1) God wants to reach out to the parents of our children's friends through us.
2) The Lord is desperate to reach out to those who the majority cast aside through shallow judgements.
3) Being Jesus to people is a wonderful advertisement for Christianity!

What lessons have you learnt through the times God has taken you outside of your comfort zone when it comes to evangelism?