Aug 18, 2009

New Ways of Doing Church - 90 Mins with Erwin McManus

This is the second day of looking around the world for new ways of doing church. Most people in the Western church agree that church as we know it cannot remain the same if we are to be effective in reaching this and the emerging generations. Just how it needs to or will look is very much an evolving state.

Mosaic – a community of faith. Love and Hope in Los Angeles.

The Core Values of Mosaic give a great indication as to what the make-up of this church is

This past weekend we had Erwin Mc Manus the pastor of Mosaic speaking at our church ( and on Sunday afternoon I went to a question and answer session with a small group of people that was very insightful (I believe this session will be available from in the near future). The Q& A was on communication, however as Erwin answered questions, I made a few observations.

1) Mosaic is attracting so many unbelievers because the talks each week are answering the questions that not-yet believers are asking.
2) Erwin does not make a distinction between Christians and Non-Christian when he speaks – he says that he speaks to ‘humans’. He addresses issues that all humans wrestle with.
3) Erwin spends his life intentionally listening to other people’s lives and stories and from here is able to them connect with people.
4) Erwin encourages his teaching team to not major on their preaching ability but to focus on authentic lives that then speak louder than any rhetoric.
5) Mosaic is actively looking and listening out to the questions that LA as a city is asking. The church did an entire series on billboards that were being seen around the city and then answered the questions that these billboards were raising!
To view a sermon from the billboards series go to: and scroll down till you see the ‘video archives’.

Implications for Evangelism:

1) What are the questions that our not-yet follower friends are asking and how can we answer them with biblical narrative?
2) Where are the parts of our human story that are the same as our friend’s human story that we can both dialogue about?
3) How can we be better at listening to people’s lives?
4) How can you and I be more intentional at discovering the questions that our city and communities are asking?
5) How can our communication with people be more authentic?