Aug 17, 2009

New Ways of Doing Church - Part 1

Vintage Faith Church, California

Most people in the Western church agree that church as we know it cannot remain the same if we are to be effective in reaching this and the emerging generations. Just how it needs to or will look is very much an evolving state.

Over the next few days, I thought it would be good to take a look around the world to see what is happening. To look under the hood so to speak of a few churches and see what we can glean.

Vintage Faith Church in California articulates some good missional thoughts in their values statement:

What I like about Vintage Faith Church:

1) It’s okay to have a church building, they have their place.
2) Everyone is exhorted to see themselves as full time ministers no matter what vocation they are in.
3) People are encouraged to ‘be’ the church daily not to come to church weekly!
4) The Holy Spirit is personal and crucial to all we are and do.
5) Our lives should be outward and other focused every day.
6) All are called to the oppressed and the poor.
7) Families are vitally important in the Kingdom of God.

Implications for Evangelism:

1)People are encouraged to reach out daily in their workplaces, schools and universities.
2)People have a mindset of doing evangelism each day as opposed to seeing evangelism as the activity of inviting a friend to an event!
3)The people of God are always looking outward to be salt and light in their world.
4)The people of God understand their responsibility to the social gospel without question.