Aug 28, 2009

Youth Dimension

Having worked in youth ministry for just over 14 years, I still have a keen interest in those people and organisations that are being proactive to reach out and help young people.

A quick rundown of Youth Dimension from their website:

Our motto "giving a generation hope" sums up the driving force behind all that we do at Youth Dimension. We believe that young people, in need of a relationship with the one who will never let them down, can find that hope in Jesus Christ.

Scratch below the surface at YD, beyond the games, beyond the endless gags, and you'll find a group of people who are united by their passion for letting others find the hope that they have found, and also encouraging and equipping other Christians to share it in their own environments.

Youth Dimension began in 1978
It started as a small organisation who worked with junior high school students across Melbourne. Since then, Youth Dimension has not only developed its schools work - equipping over 100 churches Australia-wide to run a lunch-time program in their local high school - but has also developed a number of other ministries that are helping churches to come in contact with young Australians.

To read more about how Youth Dimension can serve your church to reach out to young people: