Sep 8, 2009

Answering the Aussie Alcohol Problem with Teens

Yesterday the salvation army in Australia released new research as part of the alcohol awareness campaign.
"Statistics now show alcohol accounts for 13% of all deaths of 14-17 year olds in Australia with one teenager dying each week of alcohol related causes and another 60 teenagers hospitalised". This is a staggering result.

At a fathers day luncheon yesterday the guests were talking about the responsibility that parents play with their children in so many areas, one of them being alcohol. Some parents like to familiarise their kids with alcohol from a young age and some are persistent in not allowing their kids to drink in their home till they are of the legal age even though their child may be drinking with friends outside their home. It was quite a discussion.

The research released by the salvos suggests that introducing alcohol to teens is not a great idea. In fact it is suggested that the initiation of alcohol is held off as long as possible.

The research certainly provides some good information to be able to chat through with friends who looking for some discussion on this area.

Can I encourage you to read the report at the website above and to informed to engage in some great discussions on this current hot topic.