Sep 5, 2009

Are You Participating With God?

One job that God is about every day is trying to reveal Himself to others in the hope that they may choose to become His friend and to do life with him. The missio dei is God's mission to redeem through the church a people for Himself from all people. Our job is to participate with God.

So...are you participating?

Yesterday I was at a friends house who does not know Christ. We have been friends for years and have had many great discussions about God. Just recently I have been wondering how I can continue to participate with God to reach this friend.

Well, she loves listening to great singing so I thought I would invite her to a video launch of one of the girls from my church in a local cafe this weekend. She was delighted to be asked and is coming along with me tonight. (

The event is also raising money for a particular foundation that supports women who have gone through an abortion. My friend is a lovely lady and genuinely would like to support this work also.

I'm thanking God today for the opportunity to participate with Him in reaching out to my friend. Please pray for a great night, one in which God's kingdom is revealed to my friend.