Sep 17, 2009

Cameron Butler: Chaplain to Melbourne Football Club

Earlier this week I had the privilege of hearing Cameron Butler speak on sports chaplaincy, he is himself the chaplain to the Melbourne Football Club (ironically they are called the Demons!). Cameron and I used to be on the same church staff many years ago and have stayed close friends ever since. Cameron is the pastor to end all pastors, he is genuinely and consistently caring toward people in a way that is quite remarkable. I was inspired last night as Cameron shared his heart toward those that do not know Christ. His role as assistant pastor in our previous church was fulfilling however he always had a desire to pastor and look after those who were beyond the four walls of the church. This desire eventually led him outside of the church and into the world of sports people within our nation. It was encouraging to hear Cameron talk about the footy club at which he is the pastor...the footy club that are his people to shepherd....the community at the club people just have not realized that yet:)

I was personally challenged by Cameron's comments on 'time'. Before people need the gospel, before people need ... and ... they need out 'time' and only we can give that. As Cam spoke, I knew God was talking with me. I need to make more time in my life to continue to reach out to my friends that do not know Christ. None of us have the time but we need to make the time.

Earlier this year Sonshine FM did a radio interview with Cam, you can click here to listen to what was said.

Cameron is also the National Director of Sports Chaplaincy Australia. I'm wondering today if maybe this is an area of evangelism that your church could get involved in? Please check out the sca website for more information.

Thanks Cam for your friendship and inspiration, blessings to you and your family,