Sep 3, 2009

Connecting with Aussies Through Sport

Recent statistics reveal that 64% of children aged between 5-14 years participate in sport outside school hours. This means that more than half of our nations children in this aged bracket are into sport of some sort. Finding a common interest with people is a key to developing genuine and lasting relationships that can result in people coming to know Christ. When I first read this statistic I was extremely encouraged! Being a mum, I hang out with a lot of other mums and often find myself looking for the natural lines of connection with people. I can testify that more than half of the people I am involved with have kids involved in sport as I do. This has become a great point of connection for our friendship to develop, regardless of whether our kids play the same sport, the fact that they do play sport is a connection.

Just yesterday I was at swimming with my daughter chatting with a mum whose child is in the same class. We have known each other for this year only yet we have developed a great friendship through this sporting activity. Today I was able to invite this mum and her husband to our home for dinner, she was delighted to be asked.

I do believe that every day there a people positioned in our lives that we may get to know them, love them and demonstrate Gods love. Sports is a great way to connect with people. My thought - get active!!