Sep 13, 2009

Fresh Anglican Expressions of Church

Hats off to the Anglican Church!

Church in its current format is not reaching the emerging generations and the Anglicans are doing something about it! They recognise that the current model of church is reaching those that have a church background however it is not reaching the majority of those who no longer go to church or who have never been to church.

The Anglican church in England has been encouraging and discovering fresh ways of doing church. Australian Anglicans are also adopting the fresh expressions concept. Their website states that,'Fresh expressions of church don't wait for people to walk in through the door. Nor are they special one off events or a route into 'real' church. They are intentional communities that become church for their members by gathering around Jesus, proclaiming God's Kingdom, growing new Jesus-followers, responding to needs, challenging injustice and making the world a better place. Read more about Fresh Expressions Australia here.

Fresh expressions are exactly that ...fresh, new ways of doing church. The fresh expressions website lists some new expressions that are currently taking place.These include rural expressions, urban expressions and many others. Click Here.

I grew up going to an Anglican church every now and then but at the time did not find what I was hearing or seeing relevant to me in any shape. I am so encouraged by the big questions that are being asked and answered by this group of Christ followers. I look forward to keeping informed of all that God is doing through these communities and how this can inform and challenge my own ideas of reaching people with the gospel. Hats off to all my Anglican brothers and sisters :)