Sep 1, 2009

Holiday Lesson No 1

Well just got back from holidays in sunny nth Queensland - if you have never visited then put it on your 'to do' list, it's a wonderful experience. My favourite places are Port Douglas and the Whitsunday Islands.

As we holidayed, I noticed that God did not take a holiday from my life, instead he continued to reach out to people around me and continued to show me things that I never noticed before. I met two people in their mid twenties who had left their life in another part of Australia and were now working on boats or islands in the Whitsundays. As I got talking wth them, they expressed their desire to work in a job that was enjoyable and meaningful for them - a search for purpose was how I saw it. My role was to simply listen to them and then speak out the great qualities that I could see in them and to encourage them to pursue work where they could best use their gifts - talents - God-given talents (although I did not call them that).

I found it super easy to encourage them and was staggered how appreciative these two young people were by a little encouragement. I know that they were both encouraged in their life's journey of discovering purpose. The earth did not shake, angels did not sound audibly, however I have the sneaky suspicion that God was involved in drawing these two closer to him.

These types of stories we can all be involved in everyday.

Maybe you have a similar story to tell?