Sep 2, 2009

Holiday Lesson No 2 - Notice The Detail

Sitting out on the balcony of our holiday unit, I started looking at the surrounding gardens and just how beautiful they were. Tropical plants and trees everywhere, manicured lawns and the warm sun shinning through. Noticing the overall beauty, my eyes were drawn to a single palm tree right in front of me. As I looked closely at the tree I noticed the rings etched around the trunk about 10cm apart from the bottom to the top of the trunk. Funny how I had never noticed this before! All I saw was the big picture palm tree. My observation was that it is so easy to notice overall beauty without observing the unique detail that is present that helps to give the overall look! I like to read house magazines...I often notice how beautiful home interiors are as an overall look. The truth is that as you look closer there is lots of detail in the home that contributes to the overall look of beauty.

Nature, God's creation is a great topic to talk about with people who do not know Christ. Drawing people's attention to beauty and then suggesting the incredible design and detail that God has included is a great conversation starter!

Q. Who could you raise a conversation with about creation?