Sep 4, 2009

Reaching Your Neighbour

Yesterday I embarked on a new adventure - getting to know another neighbour in my street. Things went a little differently than I expected. I was driving down our street, almost to our driveway and I noticed this neighbour out on his nature strip. I wound down the window and started a chat. The past few days I had been thinking of inviting him and his family for dinner so we could get to know them each other better.

I bought up the dinner thought and was surprised by the fact that this was going to be almost impossible. Both he and his wife worked on alternative nights and all weekend. In my mind I was wondering how we could get together...weekdays are no good as my hubby works, weekends are in fact the best for us but not for them.

Anyways we kept talking and I listened as he told me how difficult life was for them as one of their three children had a disability and required a lot of attention; work was busy and basically they did not have much time for themselves.

That's when it occurred to me: the best way I could be Jesus to this family would be to help out with their kids, especially the child that requires close attention so he does not harm himself.

So...that's where it's at for now.
Now it's up to me to be proactive, give up some of my time and serve my neighbours by helping out with their kids.

This I believe is what Jesus would do to demonstrate His love...what you think?