Oct 2, 2009

Church is not the Goal..the Kingdom is!

Is getting people to church your goal? Have you found it difficult and disappointing when you have invited people and they do not come. I certainly have. Isn't it fascinating that as Christians we feel that our job is to get people to church; somehow we have reduced evangelism to getting people into a building...and no wonder people are discouraged when they invite people over and over again and they keep getting a 'no show' from family, friends and colleagues. Yes, some do see their friends come to church and I for one am very thankful for that.

The purpose of this blog is not to have a discussion on the effectiveness of 'inviting people to church' but rather to raise the fact that Jesus did not challenge us to invite people to church but rather He challenged us to invite people into the Kingdom! This being said...let's focus on sharing the love of Christ in our everyday world; in our schools, in our kindergartens; in our workplaces and let's show people how they can get connected to God without attending a church.

I LOVE MY church but if I only focus on getting people to church then I am missing out on so much that God wants to do the other six days of the week. Some of my friends have come to church and met Christ but many will maybe never come to church and I must not have a mindset that thinks that people can only come to Christ at church.

I know I'm speaking to the converted today yet I feel compelled to write and encourage you that there are people in our worlds each day that are waiting to get connected to Christ and we as the believers must be able and willing to help people make this connection.

Please hear what I am saying and not what I am not saying. I am absolutely committed to my local church (www.citylifechurch.com) and I love to invite my friends to church, many of them have come. However, people coming to know Christ is so much more than inviting them to church and as believers we need to reach out daily to people and be willing to help humanity connect with Christ.