Oct 6, 2009

Discipleship is Our Evangelistic Goal

Would you agree that the aim of our evangelism is that people would come to know Christ and walk with him in maturity? We don't just want converts, we want disciples. People that will ultimatley give their entire life over to the control of Jesus Christ.

What does a disciple look like?

Here is a series of questions that answer that exact question. See my end reference for the source of these clarifying questions.

Is he/she willing to serve?
Is he/she willing to listen?
Is he/she willing to learn?
Is he/she willing to be corrected?
How well does he/she submit to those who are over him?
Can he/she share his life with others, in open and honest fellowship?
Is he/she learning humility?
Is he learning to examine his own life before criticising others?
Does he/she know their weaknesses?
Is he/she a perfectionist?
Is he/she able to forgive?
Do they have stickability?
Is he/she to be trusted?
Does he/she mind their own affairs?
How does he/she use their leisure?
Does he/she aim first and foremost to please God?
Is he/she quick to obey when God speaks to him?
Where is their security?
Has he/she a clear understanding of God’s priorities for their life?

Challenging stuff hey? Wondering how well we do ourselves with these questions?
Good food for thought.
Have a great day making disciples of all nations :)


Extract from Watson, D, Discipleship, (London: Hodder and Stoughton, 1981) pp. 75-77