Oct 26, 2009

Times ...they are a Changeing!

There is no need to convince me that times are changeing, things today are so very different to what they were just ten years ago. The amount of change that has taken place in society in the past ten years is nothing less than HUGE!! I can remember a time in church life when 'seeker services' started by Bill Hybels were so the way to go! In fact, at the time I built a wonderful youth ministry on the principles of such thought.

BUT...times have now changed! How ridiculous to think that the 'same old same old' methodology would still be as effective as it was a decade ago. I know I'm stating the obvious but really when I stop to ponder the amount of change that society has experienced, I am confronted by the lack of change that I observe in myself and in the church in general when it comes to reaching 'todays' people for Christ.

What I know is....it cannot remain the same! God is requiring a new breed, new ways, new methodology to reach this planet with the good news of Jesus Christ. I understand that society is so very spiritual yet I wonder how much we do to reach out to this desire in people's heart. Where is the church when society says, 'I'm looking for something divine?'. Where is the church when society says, 'I need to see what I'm looking for' not 'I need to rationally think about what I'm looking for?'.

Where are we? I know that if we are 'only' in a church buliding; displaying Christ within our four walls and lifting high the name of Jesus that we are not present with society for within the great change that has taken place, society no longer hangs out at our churches. I do know that if society could see the life I live with Christ, the help that He really is to me; the purpose that He really does give that they would be moved to consider such a lifestyle. For this new society is looking for reality; looking for ways to understand life that is best demonstrated when seen 'working' in the life of a believer. A 22 year old girl looking for answers said, "All I want is reality. Show me God. Help me to understand why life is the way it is, and how I can experience it more fully and with greater joy. I don't want the empty promises. I want the real thing. And I'll go wherever I find that truth system".(George Barna report on baby busters)

So, today I am challenged to "SHOW" Jesus to people like never before. To take my beloved Jesus and place him at the centre of society which is no longer within the four walls of my local church. Today, I pray that Jesus will be SEEN through my life as I walk into my local park where real mums do life with their kids; that He will be SEEN by my neighbours who I do life with each day; that He will be SEEN by the swimming teacher that instructs my child at swimming and the list goes on!

Jesus - help me today to realise that times are not the same, that you are requiring someting different from us all when it comes to evangelism. Help us to let go of the past and to walk in faith into the new things that you have for us.