Nov 27, 2009

My Missional Mum

Today I would like to pay honor to my near 70 year old Mother Pam. Mum grew up attending a main line church but never knowing Jesus personally till she was in her mid 50's. I in fact had the opportunity to share with her the wonderful news about Christ, at which she was delighted. Since that time my mother has been going into nursing homes, now twice per week to connect with the elderly, many of whom are dying.

Why has it taken me so long to blog about my amazing mum. Today I am struck by the missional fervour she has in her life. She has realised that these old dears will most probably never set foot in a church building yet they need Christ. Mum has asked the missional question, 'what would church look like for these people'. I take it that she has concluded that, 'church would be her going to them and having mere conversation about Christ in the nursing home. Discussing Jesus through the many books of Christian poetry that she reads to them. Hats off to you Mum, you are such an inspiration.

Missional thoughts I have learnt through my mum.
1) What does church need to look like to reach my many friends who will most probably never attend a church building.
2) What medium will connect with them? (Poetry for the elderly)
3) Creativity needs to be a part of mission
4) Mission involves me going
5) Mission is not rocket science!!

Thanks Mum, you are my inspiration, I love you dearly,