Nov 10, 2009

My Personal Journey To Help The Poor

For some time now I have wondered how I can help the poor. I'm ashamed to say that I have not always thought this way as a Christian. Sure I have helped with giving money here and there at church yet my heart sadly to say was not fully with the poor if you know what I mean. I have always been passionate about people's salvation and probably to the detriment of helping the poor (I do hope I am making some sense today!) Anyways, a few months ago I felt the Lord speak to me about giving poor children an opportunity to have a Christian primary education. Being an ex-primary teacher (kids age 5-11), you don't need to convince me of the value of Christian education at a primary level. Can you imagine a little child being given the opportunity to go to a school where they are showed the love of Jesus, shown respect and honor as a child of God and encouraged to be all they can be in life! This thought just brings tears to my eyes. So.....I knew the Lord had spoken to me about the poor and I wanted to locate the poor in my own community - in Melbourne, Australia. So I started down the line of thinking about refugees and wow isn't that a hot topic in our nation. Refugees to me equates to the poor in the way I had been journeying this with the Lord. I know others are considered the poor, this is just my personal story.

Yesterday I met up with a Christian principal to discuss how I or we could somehow sponsor a child to have this education....let's start with one was my goal. I was TOTALLY blown away by the school who were delighted to hear such compassion toward little children (Go Jesus!) We talked about ways forward from here and over the next few months I will give you an update of what's happening and how this amazing vision from the Lord is unfolding.

Today could I ask you to:
1) Pray that the Lord's way would be clear to me in seeing this all come to pass.
2) Pray for others to come alongside to help me in this endeavour.
3) Pray for the right child and family to materialise for sponsorship.
4) Pray in general for all the missing pieces to start to fall into place and to be very obvious to me - sometimes I don't get it right away:)

Totally appreciate your prayer support with this and would ask that you pass my little blog today onto those you may feel would be interested.