Nov 17, 2009

Reach Your Neighbours at Christmas

Well, if you are like me you don't know everyone in your immediate street or neighbourhood. We know the neighbours on one side of us very well but don't know all neighbours in the same way and there are some we only wave to from time to time as we arrive home. Christmas can change this.

Ive been thinking of more ways to reach out and connect with the neighbours we don't know that well. Christmas is fast approaching and seems to be a great time to do something different without people getting to suspicious:) We have decided to buy a small gift for a number of the neighbours just to say Merry Christmas. We have decided on some nice food gifts that most people would enjoy being the eating season.

A few days before Chrissy, my daughter and I are going to walk around, knock on the neighbours doors and wish them a Merry Christmas with a gift and small card. I am confident that this small show of generosity and love toward our neighbours will be the start of some wonderful relationships that will be established over time.

Who knows if we will be asked to come in and have a cuppa or if we will have the opportunity to have a BBQ with some of these people over the festive season. Whatever the outcomes, it does seem like a wonderful opportunity to reach out in some capacity.

I pray that this Christmas Season can be a time of outreach for us all as we celebrate Jesus and continue to participate in His mission.