Dec 24, 2009

Relatives - An Opportunity This Christmas

Christmas is a brilliant time to connect with relatives for many people. It is an opportunity to catch up with those family members that we do not see that often. It is an opportunity to share Christ with those relo's who are not following Jesus.

It is an opportunity to be graceful; to put aside any differences and to be peaceful to one another. It is a brilliant opportunity for Jesus to shine through us and for us to conscientiously bring the kingdom of God into all such gatherings.

I've decided this year that some of my young nieces will experience Christ's love through me like never before. I've bought them all a gorgeous gift and am going to spend most of Christmas Day avo playing in my brothers back yard with them instead of just sitting around with all the adults whilst the kids play. I want my nieces, who don't know Christ to have memories of spending time with Auntie Tina at Christmas. A time where I played with them, spoke words of life over them and shared some cool stuff about God.

You and I hold a special place of significance with our relatives. They are not just friends or acquaintances, there is a blood connection that makes the equation very special.

What could you do this Christmas time to reach out to your relatives that don't know Christ? Most of us can do something!

God's Richest Blessings to you as you celebrate Christmas and reach out to your relo's,