Dec 29, 2009

Your Stocktake on Personal Evangelism

The year 2009 is coming to a close, now is a great opportunity to reflect on the year and see what's been going on when it comes to your personal evangelism. Here's a couple of key stocktake questions:

1) Who were the main people you reached out to in 2009?
2) How is their life closer to God today than it was at the beginning of 2009?
2) Looking ahead, what will you do to continue to reach out to these people?
3) Who were the new people that God bought into your world to reach in 2009?
4) How can you continue your relationship with them in 2010?
5) What things seem to work best for you in reaching out to others?
6) What key lessons did you learn about personal evangelism in 2009?
7) Who are your neighbours where you live and how can you connect more with them?
7) If you had to train someone else in personal evangelism, what would be the 3 key lessons you would teach?

I am always amazed when I take a 'personal stocktake' to see just how much God has been doing through me. It is always more than I think. It is always quite encouraging. Week by week can sometimes become discouraging as we reach out to people, however as we look back over a year we see how much God truly does.

As you move into 2010, stay focused on those in your world that God has been reaching out to. Keep up your intentionality with people. For those in your life that seem quite closed to Christ, believe for creative ideas to 'thaw' those hearts so to speak. In these situations I have always found generosity and gifts to be wonderful 'ice-breakers'.

God is on a mission - to introduce His Son to the world that do not know Him. I pray that you will find much joy in 2010 as you continue to persevere in reaching out with Christ's love to those around you.

Happy Stocktake,