Nov 22, 2017

How To Become Outward Focused

It's a fact that many Christians become inward focused and lose the outward focus of their faith. People come to know Christ and over time they seem to care less about those that have not encountered God's love yet. That sounds a bit harsh but if you question people about their lifestyle and where they spend most of their time, money and efforts, it is lacking in regard to those outside the Christian community. How true is this for the Christians that you know and yourself?

I guess it is easier to spend time with our Christian friends, to chat about Jesus and encourage each other in the faith. I enjoy it myself and it's not a bad thing. The problem comes when we become to comfortable hanging out with our Christian buddies and tell ourselves that we are called to build up others in Christ yet totally neglect those that do not know Christ. More staggering to me is that when we find ourselves surrounded by non-Christians, we do not maximize the opportunity to show love and grace as we have experienced ourselves.

So many seem to have become inward focused. How can we see this change in our churches and in our individual lives this?

1. Plan strategic seminars to equip and enthuse your church.
2. Once a week (minimum) pray for 3-4 people in your life that have not experienced God's love.
3. Start a weekly 'testimony' email that goes out to your church of people who are being 'outward focused'. This will be good encouragement for others.
4. Get your staff taking an offline or online evangelism/outreach training course as part of their 'work time'.Check with your local Bible College to see what they have on offer.
5. Get dates in your diary now to have a meal with your friends that do not know Christ - things happened once they are planned.
6. Plan a series on evangelism for your church. Have all departments of the church plan their own series to coincide, ie kids ministry; women's ministry; young adults,etc.
7. Equip your church to reach out to their friends through technology: twitter, facebook, my space, blogs, websites, etc.

Let's be honest...connecting with those that do not know Christ is an EFFORT!
It will take a commitment of time, energy and often finance to reach out but that is why the church exists. There is no other organisation of people on earth that are commissioned to take the gospel to the ends of the earth! We are it!

Come on people, lets move to becoming more outward focused in the months and years ahead.