Jan 17, 2010

Not an Evangelist?

This week I was involved in interviewing prospective intern students for 2010 in our ministry trax program at church. One guy came in and had glowing references. People that knew him all said he was a great evangelist and bought more people to church than anyone else they knew. This as you could imagine got my attention! I was eager to meet the young man. We all sat down and exchanged pleasantries when I heard the most amazing comment. One of our staff mentioned to the young man about his reputation as an evangelist. He replied, "Oh, I'm not an evangelist, I just know people!".

Don't you just love that! "Oh, I'm not an evangelist, I just know people."

What an incredible statement. This guys actually KNOWS PEOPLE who don't know Christ. He has real-life flesh and blood people in his world that do not know Christ! This is one of the keys to his success. How many non-Christian people would you say the average Christian knows? How many do you know?

I remember years ago, an elderly Christian guy telling me to calm down with my passion for evangelism. His experience was that the passion dies off over time as you age because you have less and less unbelievers in your life. I thought this was just crazy at the time, surely this does not happen I thought. Does this happen in your world? I don't think this has to be the case. We choose either to push our lives outside of the Christian community or to stay within those boundaries.

Personally I'm still as passionate, however I will admit that it is easy to become comfortable with our Christian community and spend so much time hanging out with them that our non-believing friends don't see much of us.

So, how can we be in a position to have more people in our lives so we too can say, "I'm not an evangelist, I just know people"?

1. Join a group outside of your Christian community (ie swimming club, IT group, craft group, motorcylcle club, etc)
2. Go to your local council and ask how you can get involved in the community: a great way to meet people.
3. Plan to meet up with other parents from the school your kids attend (if you have them).
4. Join a group at University that enables you to meet new people.
5. Start going out with your work mates instead of saying no!
7. Go through your facebook friends list and invite some over for a coffee.

This is just a few ideas, I'm sure you have some great suggestions also.

Let's all make an effort to bring more people into our lives this year.

Have a terrific day,