Jan 25, 2010

Prayer Evangelism

Have you ever asked someone if you could pray for them? Someone who does not know Christ? I have a young person in my life who is not convinced that God exists let alone that God loves her. Recently she came into some hardships that were out of her control. All of a sudden this young persons life turned into a life a challenge to say the least. "I don't have all the answers", I told myself but I do know how to pray and I believe that God hears and answers me when I call.

To cut a long story short, I simply asked this person if I could pray for them. They said 'yes' so right there and then I placed my hand on their shoulder and prayed a simple prayer that God would help them, that He would show his love, that He would come and comfort this sweet young life.The young lady thanked me for praying for her.

The next day I saw the girl again and guess what? She said yes when I asked if I could pray again. The same thing happened for weeks. Today I am please to say that she is doing very well. God has been answering my prayers and the young girl is looking to God herself now.

How amazing is God hey? I feel that I simply did what a Christian should do...be genuinely moved by people's pain, enough to step out and at least pray!!! It's daunting business stepping out in public, praying out loud to God. It requires us putting the faith and hope we have in Christ into action. For me, I love it! I am more than convinced that the Jesus I serve is more than interested in the broken lives that lie around us than I give Him credit for.

We have a spiritual tool at our disposal called 'prayer!'. Let's step out and pray for those around us who are hurting and broken. Jesus does hear our prayers and He is wanting to bring healing to all of humanity, those following and those not following yet!

Care enough to pray!