Mar 7, 2010

Australian Stats to Aid in Outreach

Hi Everyone,
Been thinking lately how important it is to make use of statistics in trying to understand our areas that God has called us to minister to. Whether it be one specific geographical area or an entire state or nation, statistics are highly important.

The last census in Australia was 8Th August 2006. In seeking to understand the culture of Australia and to whom we are ministering, it is invaluable to go to the Australian Bureau of Statistics website to further our understanding . The current census shows that only sixty three percent of the nation consider themselves Christian, ten per cent of the nation is made up of single parents and results indicate that Australia has an ageing population. More people are growing old than those being born. Each of these statistics alone has direct implications for the church and its mission.

Some questions that may be asked to help us reach out would be:
a. What can we do to minister to single parents?
b. How do we actively engage the other thirty-seven percent of the nation that do not consider themselves Christian?
c. Do we need to allocate more finances to reach the elderly of our nation now and into the future. What does mission to these people look like?

Well there is obviously a great deal more information at the ABS website and many more questions to be asked.
I pray that you are able to find some time to look online at some more stats and draw up some implications and action points to reach your areas for Christ.