Mar 29, 2010

My Easter Story - 18 years ago!

It was 1992 and I was in San Diego California. Up until now, Easter was just another holiday and a time to eat heaps of Easter eggs. Everything changed around Easter time 1992. I was travelling the world at this stage and found myself in California with a gentleman I had met in the Greek Islands, he was a Californian. I arrived in San Diego just before Easter and was staying with his mother. I was invited to a small group the Thursday night before Easter and that's when I decided to follow Christ for myself, it was a stunning moment in my life. Three days later was Easter Sunday, resurrection Sunday as is so often referred to and boy was that resurrection life certainly a part of my experience now.

I got up nice and early and went with a new friend to Sea World San Diego for the Easter Sunrise service. Southern California turned on it's gorgeous weather, the service was beautiful and for the first time in my life it was meaningful. I can still remember walking down the aisles of Sea World to the stage to publicly say 'yes' to Jesus, 'yes' to living out my Christianity. My friend walked with me to the front as tears streamed down my face as I realised just how wonderful the love and grace of God was for my life.

I'm so thankful this Easter for Christian friends! Friends who cared enough to love me, cared enough to invite me and cared enough to invest time into my life. Everybody is busy in life but some people seem to make a decision to make room for non-believers in their life regardless of their busyness. I am so thankful!

I'm challenged today to 'make room' for non-believers, to clear the decks and simply 'make-room'. My life is busy as usual with church work to do, lectures to prepare, message to present, dishes to wash, meals to cook, family to care for and my doctorate studies to stay on top of. It is a busy busy life BUT it can never be so busy that I cannot 'make rrom' for thsoe who do not know Christ.

I thank the Lord today for those belivers who took me on so to speak and showed me the love of God, where would I be today without this. I pray today that you and I, will make 'others' a priority in our lives. We are the hands, feet and mouth that Christ uses today to reach others. Let's not live a life that's on mute because we are simply to busy.

Have a fabulous Easter break; have a fabulous time of holidays with the kids if you have them and enjoy the timely reminder of the enormity of what Christ did for us all.