Apr 8, 2010

Twitter - Great Education

I have just finished writing a 6 hour presentation on social media and am more convinced than ever that to be effective in reaching my nation, social media has a large part to play. Simply for myself, I love twitter as one part of my social media. Twitter for me is a way to encourage others in their evangelism but it is also a way for me to stay educated and trained up on the topic of outreach in it's many forms. Recently I did a twitter search on evangelism and found some great people and ministries to follow. How about you do a twitter search on what you are interested in and see what you find (ie, search prophetic, poverty, evangelism, outreach, mission, etc). To watch a video on doing a twitter search, look at the amazing productions from commoncraft

Twitter for me is another way to get micro-blog information. People often send out a tweet that is part of a blog entry, you simply then follow the link, it's so easy to see something of interest on twitter and then follow up to read the full article. It is funny how often I find information that relates to something I am currently researching or preparing to speak on, very helpful.

If you are not on twitter presently, I encourage you to jump on, if you can't be bothered sending out tweets, then why not use it as a tool to educate yourself by following others and using the twitter search functionality.

Happy Twittering,

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